Intergas boiler review

Intergas combi gas boiler review

Intergas combi boiler review

Intergas boiler are a fairly new addition to the British boiler market , they launched in the UK some years ago and are now carving out a chunk in the market. Why are these boilers so good well basically there a very simple design with little to go wrong. They boast huge flow rates through the heat exchanger and the need for a secondary hot water heat exchanger has been removed.

Intergas as a company have listened to the installer and produced a fantastic boiler. Engineers all over the country are raving about these boilers thus there growing the market %. The top of the range boiler even has a built in radio receiver for a external Honeywell programmable thermostat. Hot water flow rates are very important and the range of Intergas boilers has it in spades . Basically how fast your hot water flows out of your taps is depend what flow rate the boiler will heat it at. A little known fact about Intergas boilers in there entire history they have never had a mechanical failure of a heat exchanger. If you want a fantastic boiler on the wall choose a Intergas boiler.