electric showers are a great backup if your gas boiler is temporarily out of action. Failing an electric power cut the shower will always be a great addition to any household. The modern showers come with great warranties and are easily fitted as long as the fitter specifies the correct replacement.

Central Heating inhibitor

The use of Inhibitors and protective chemicals in your heating system is a must . They offer protection again the system rusting and build up of contamination and line scale . There are many brands available on the market but it pays to research a good brand in order to offer maximum protection .
There are a few methods in relation to placing them in your system but the easiest is bay way of a pressurised can being sprayed into the systems filling loop . If there is no filling loop isolating a radiator and draining it then pouring in the liquid via a radiator bleed valve . If the system is a open vented system the inhibitor may be added to the feed and expansion tank usually found in the loft , if there are two tanks the correct one would be the smaller of the two but always seek advice of your unsure .



Boiler services why there important


Boiler services why there important

I’m most cases people don’t service there gas boilers or have them looked at on a regular basic , most people wait until there’s a problem with there boiler before they call an engineer. .

Advantages of the service

Apart from standard service things one of the main advantages is identifying and current problems that may progress into larger problems with the boiler .

Diring the service various things are checked and changed or cleaned adding to the smooth running of the boiler .

Some service items

1. Gas pressure check ( Identifying if the boiler has an adequate supply of gas to safely run the boiler ).

2. Gas  tightness test ( checking there are no gas leaks on the system).


3. Clean out the condensate trap ensuring it doesn’t back up into the heat exchanger .


4. Check the burner seal and exchange if advised by the manufacturer . A defective heat exchanger gasket can cause you to loose your boiler and is unsafe .


5. Flue gas analyse the boiler to check the stats how it’s burning etc . Much like a car is probed up the exhaust the boiler is probed in the glue to check admissions.


6. Check the integrity of the flue as a faulty flue can be fatal .

7. check the boiler for warmer regress if leaks are left undeterred they can cause damage to the boiler .

8. Check the connections to the boiler and the installation meets all the guidelines .



With rising costs of fuel and energy bills it’s important to run your gas and electricity items wisely . Choosing the correct boiler is a start as a large part of the population are still running inefficient old boilers with high energy ratings . There are numerous ways to heat your property and the water . All boilers are now A rated for better efficiency so step one is to replace your old less efficient boiler with a new one , step two is to consider what type of system is best for you . There are a view types of systems either offering direct or indirect water heating as a addition to your heating.

1. Heat only open vented regular boiler this system offers direct heating from the boiler but indirect heating of the hot water via a water cylinder . The heating and water system are Fed from two separate gravity tanks . The pump and zone valves are usually separate to the boiler located in various places around the property. One advantage of this system if the boiler is not working the water can be heated desperately if heating elements are fitted in the water cylinder , secondly although the water pressure is not as good through the tapas and appliances etc it can maintain a steady flow if numerous appliances are being used at one .

2. The system boiler this is basically the heat only boiler but the system is closed and pressurised and the pump and diverted valve are in the boiler similar to a combi . The hot water is indirect once again to a cylinder that is also sealed . The pressure from the appliances is greater as it’s mains fed to the cylinder . There is no need for the water tanks if the system is fully sealed .

3. The combi boiler that is a sealed system with the external appliances taps showers etc working off mains pressure giving a better flow rate . The other advantage is that all the parts are within the boiler for easy access if needed , also the water and heating is direct so no need to heat up a cylinder . Only draw back is is a number of taps etc are opened at the same time the glow is greatly reduced .

Condensate pumps what are they ?

what are condensate pumps

There basically used for boilers and aircon units to pump away the condensate discharged from them when it’s difficult to fit a gravity pipe system . Say for instance the combi boiler is not near a outside wall adjacent to a waste pipe or grid you would install a condensate pump to pump the condensate a long distance to the source of waste .the pumps usually can pump the condensate upwards day into and over a loft . The pump is a very versatile bit of kit . They come with cut off switches so if the float inside fails they turn off the appliance to avoid overflow of the unit .


Combi boiler or regular boiler the great debate

The great combi debate there are lovers of the combi boilers and haters . The upside of owning a combi is it directly supplies both your heating and hot water . The combi delivers high efficiency but so so the heat only and system boiler so it can’t be argued it’s more efficient. There is the advantage of space as the combi delivers from one location we’re the system and heat only boiler is combined with a water cylinder and fresh water tank and heating tank . The combi in most cases is easily repaired as all the components are within the boiler were the alternatives spread round the house zone valves cylinders tanks and pumps etc . Taking most of the factors into consideration the combi boiler is a good choice . Ask your local engineer for his advice when considering a new boiler and digest your best course of action. 

GLOWORM BOILERS why is gloworm selling so many boilers in the United Kingdom when there’s so many makes and models out there . Gloworm is a age old company that has always had a great reputation in the UK this is why Gloworm merged with Vaillant. This is one of the reasons Gloworm has gone from strength to strength . There’s a tick list when local gas engineers propose a boiler to the customer , high on the tick list is the boiler being the best choice for the customer not alone for the fitter . Company service is a major factor as to how good is the after sales service and warranty repair etc and this is top class with Gloworm as there service division is awesome. If you use a gloworm affiliated fitter there is a priority service available to them offering a fast response if repairs or service is required. Warranties are a factor and Gloworm offer really long warranties on some of there ranges going up to fifteen years in some cases . The cost of a Gloworm is very competitive offering low prices for a high specification product . Parts are easily obtained and there prices are also competitive. My company is proud to quote to install service and repair these boilers 07897421312