Intergas boiler review

Intergas combi gas boiler review

Intergas combi boiler review

Intergas boiler are a fairly new addition to the British boiler market , they launched in the UK some years ago and are now carving out a chunk in the market. Why are these boilers so good well basically there a very simple design with little to go wrong. They boast huge flow rates through the heat exchanger and the need for a secondary hot water heat exchanger has been removed.

Intergas as a company have listened to the installer and produced a fantastic boiler. Engineers all over the country are raving about these boilers thus there growing the market %. The top of the range boiler even has a built in radio receiver for a external Honeywell programmable thermostat. Hot water flow rates are very important and the range of Intergas boilers has it in spades . Basically how fast your hot water flows out of your taps is depend what flow rate the boiler will heat it at. A little known fact about Intergas boilers in there entire history they have never had a mechanical failure of a heat exchanger. If you want a fantastic boiler on the wall choose a Intergas boiler.

Signs you need a new boiler





Most boilers are repairable therefore the need for a new one can be eliminated but there are exceptions that can lead to boiler replacements .

1.The efficiency rating of the boiler , all modern boilers are at least A rated now.

2. Water leaks which that can  also cause damage to the electrics.

3. A clogged main heat exchanger.

4. Poor water temperatures and restricted hot water flow rate.

5. Main parts need replacement i.e. PCB water manifold .

These are some concerns when considering a replacement







boiler replacement

boiler replacement in southport

boiler replacement southport



Boiler replacement

When considering replacing your existing boiler the listed items below are a consideration.

1.  Energy rating .

2. warranty period .

3. Part prices .

4. How easy is the new boiler to work on if and when repairs are needed .

5.Company backup in regards to repairs under warranty .

6 . reviews linked to the boiler you choose .

7. Price .

8. Fitting engineers credentials .

9. Power output .

10. Size in regards to will it fit in the space specified .

11. maintenance access .

12. Flow rates it deliver’s in hot water mode .

13. Will it accommodate extra radiators if you extend the house and the system .





find a plumber in southport

find a plumber in southport

find a plumber in southport

 Find a plumber in Southport

Google searches are the best way to find a plumber in Southport as you can check out the company reviews and gain information regarding the services etc that the individual company’s offer. all reputable company’s will have online reviews from the customers that give an incite to what there work and services are like. Check out the company on the gas safe register  this will document what gas appliances they are registered to work on . Always ask the engineer for there gas safe identification when they arrive at your property. Ask the engineer if they have carried out similar works to the one your asking them to quote for and if so ask for there details . Ask if there are any hidden charges if there are don’t use them transparency is important when requiring a quotation ( ask if there is VAT to be added ) . I hope this news post casts some light on the subject of finding a plumber in Southport if there is any further information required please contact Greg’s heating and plumbing .

gas safety certificate southport

Why have a gas safety certificate ?

The reason behind the gas safety certificate is to ensure the dwelling your having inspected is safe to inhabitate without the risk of carbon monoxide poising gas explosion our harm to your health caused by dangerous gas appliances or gas workmanship .

the cost of a average certificate is only £35 a small cost to pay to ensure your safe in your house or place of work .

Gregs heating undertake gas certificates in and around the Southport area so please call me if you would like to arrange one.