GLOWORM BOILERS why is gloworm selling so many boilers in the United Kingdom when there’s so many makes and models out there . Gloworm is a age old company that has always had a great reputation in the UK this is why Gloworm merged with Vaillant. This is one of the reasons Gloworm has gone from strength to strength . There’s a tick list when local gas engineers propose a boiler to the customer , high on the tick list is the boiler being the best choice for the customer not alone for the fitter . Company service is a major factor as to how good is the after sales service and warranty repair etc and this is top class with Gloworm as there service division is awesome. If you use a gloworm affiliated fitter there is a priority service available to them offering a fast response if repairs or service is required. Warranties are a factor and Gloworm offer really long warranties on some of there ranges going up to fifteen years in some cases . The cost of a Gloworm is very competitive offering low prices for a high specification product . Parts are easily obtained and there prices are also competitive. My company is proud to quote to install service and repair these boilers 07897421312