With rising costs of fuel and energy bills it’s important to run your gas and electricity items wisely . Choosing the correct boiler is a start as a large part of the population are still running inefficient old boilers with high energy ratings . There are numerous ways to heat your property and the water . All boilers are now A rated for better efficiency so step one is to replace your old less efficient boiler with a new one , step two is to consider what type of system is best for you . There are a view types of systems either offering direct or indirect water heating as a addition to your heating.

1. Heat only open vented regular boiler this system offers direct heating from the boiler but indirect heating of the hot water via a water cylinder . The heating and water system are Fed from two separate gravity tanks . The pump and zone valves are usually separate to the boiler located in various places around the property. One advantage of this system if the boiler is not working the water can be heated desperately if heating elements are fitted in the water cylinder , secondly although the water pressure is not as good through the tapas and appliances etc it can maintain a steady flow if numerous appliances are being used at one .

2. The system boiler this is basically the heat only boiler but the system is closed and pressurised and the pump and diverted valve are in the boiler similar to a combi . The hot water is indirect once again to a cylinder that is also sealed . The pressure from the appliances is greater as it’s mains fed to the cylinder . There is no need for the water tanks if the system is fully sealed .

3. The combi boiler that is a sealed system with the external appliances taps showers etc working off mains pressure giving a better flow rate . The other advantage is that all the parts are within the boiler for easy access if needed , also the water and heating is direct so no need to heat up a cylinder . Only draw back is is a number of taps etc are opened at the same time the glow is greatly reduced .