Boiler services why there important


Boiler services why there important

I’m most cases people don’t service there gas boilers or have them looked at on a regular basic , most people wait until there’s a problem with there boiler before they call an engineer. .

Advantages of the service

Apart from standard service things one of the main advantages is identifying and current problems that may progress into larger problems with the boiler .

Diring the service various things are checked and changed or cleaned adding to the smooth running of the boiler .

Some service items

1. Gas pressure check ( Identifying if the boiler has an adequate supply of gas to safely run the boiler ).

2. Gas  tightness test ( checking there are no gas leaks on the system).


3. Clean out the condensate trap ensuring it doesn’t back up into the heat exchanger .


4. Check the burner seal and exchange if advised by the manufacturer . A defective heat exchanger gasket can cause you to loose your boiler and is unsafe .


5. Flue gas analyse the boiler to check the stats how it’s burning etc . Much like a car is probed up the exhaust the boiler is probed in the glue to check admissions.


6. Check the integrity of the flue as a faulty flue can be fatal .

7. check the boiler for warmer regress if leaks are left undeterred they can cause damage to the boiler .

8. Check the connections to the boiler and the installation meets all the guidelines .